Sailing to Byzantium, 2008
C-print and diasec mounting
160 x 150 cm
Edition of 3

artist profile

Yuval Yairi



lives and works

Jerusalem, Israel


Wizo-Hadassa, Haifa, Israel, 1988

about the artist

Frame by frame, moment by moment, detail by detail, Yuval Yairi accumulates a multitude of all to build one single composite image that captures on registers of not only the visual, but also the mental. The photographer’s memory coalesces, or sometimes collides, with the camera’s memory as he consciously selects from up to a thousand shots of data to insert and additional data to integrate. Real, surreal, and hyper-real, each print is sedimented with layers defiant of temporal or spatial constraints and thus becomes a comprehensive document of the photographed place, sites of historical, personal, and existential remembrance. Yairi has been featured in group shows held in spaces such as the City Gallery Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand; the Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing, China; the Magnes Museum in Berkeley, USA; and the San Diego Natural History Museum in San Diego, USA. He has also exhibited widely in Israel, where one-man surveys of his work have been staged at institutions such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Yuval is the partner of fellow contemporary Israeli artist, Noa Arad-Yairi.

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Berman and Bloch Collection, Los Angeles, USA

Constantiner Collection, New York, USA

Doron Sabag Collection, Israel

Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Kukoff Collection, New York, USA

Livnat Collection, The Netherlands

Naggar Collection, UK

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel