Shane Cotton



Somewhere Beautiful, 2012, by Shane Cotton & The Chills
Published by Far South Records 


Shane Cotton
Rolling Moon
Two mixed media prints with multiple silk-screens, metal foil and unique additions on Arches paper. Diptych, 50 x 50 cm each. Signed verso. Each print diptych is uniquely silk-screened with a different lyric by Martin Phillipps of The Chills from the live album Somewhere Beautiful, 2012.

The Chills
Somewhere Beautiful
Limited edition live album on three doubled sided 45rpm deluxe 200gm vinyl discs. Album slip signed by Martin Phillipps.


A collaboration between acclaimed contemporary artist Shane Cotton and leading New Zealand rock band The Chills, Somewhere Beautiful is a triple LP set of a limited run of 150 deluxe editions, lavishly packaged in a 24” portfolio box each with original print diptych with unique additions. 

The stunning imagery takes after Shane Cotton’s recent work.  Bodies, memories and mythologies of the celestial realm are the protagonists.  Unbound by the laws of physics, the endless skies he depicts are a meeting place for the many spiritual, psychological and cultural systems of past, present and future. An intricate process of multiple screens is applied to enhance textures, so that differing segments of the composition will vary in its exhibition of matte, glossy, pearlescent or metallic qualities.  

All songs on the three LPs are performed by The Chills and recorded at a private party on New Year’s Eve 2011, in Central Otago, New Zealand.  Each portfolio contains a unique Shane Cotton print inscribed with a lyric by Martin Phillips of The Chills.  Music and art are brought together in this contemporary object, where text intertwines with image and the aural merges with the visual in order to generate the sensational and the unexpected. 

All songs written by Martin Phillipps and copyright Mushroom Publishing except Pink Frost (Terry Moore/Martin Phillipps) Mushroom Publishing and Matthew and Son (Cat Stevens) copyright Universal Music Publishing Group.


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