CHRIS OFILI | New Museum, New York

CHRIS OFILI | New Museum, New York


Chris Ofili: Day and Night


October 29, 2014 - January 25, 2015


Occupying the New Museum’s three main galleries, “Chris Ofili: Night and Day” spans the artist’s influential career, encompassing his paintings, drawings, and sculptures. Over the past two decades, Ofili has become identified with vibrant, meticulously executed, elaborate artworks that meld figuration, abstraction, and decoration. In his extremely diverse oeuvre, Ofili has taken imagery and inspiration from such disparate, history-spanning sources as the Bible, hip-hop music, Zimbabwean cave paintings, Blaxploitation films, and William Blake’s poems. As the title of the exhibition suggests, Ofili’s practice has undergone constant changes, moving from boldly expressive to deeply introspective across an experimental and prodigious body of work. The exhibition will feature over thirty of Ofili’s major paintings, a vast quantity of drawings, and a selection of sculptures from over the course of his twenty-year career. In his review of the exhibition, critic Jerry Saltz described Ofili as “one of the best painters to have come out of England in the last 60 years. For me, he puts painting through far more enticing paces than Lucien Freud or Francis Bacon.”


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